PTA leaders are encouraged to dig into their CAPTA TOOLKIT for the answers they need! This extensive collection of resources includes PTA forms, job descriptions, reporting guidelines, and so much more. Most resources also contain a printable version that can be added to officer binders or distributed by email.

Training Tip: Unit Presidents are encouraged to include a training item on their monthly meeting agenda. This is a great opportunity to highlight an item from the toolkit. Encourage your board, including “new to PTA” officers, to present a brief presentation on something new they discovered.

Social Media and PTA Advocacy

“PTA members are often the individuals with the most knowledge and awareness of their communities’ needs. Their community activities qualify them to take leadership roles in election campaigns. However, PTA leaders who are considering taking a leadership role on behalf of a candidate are strongly urged to avoid even the appearance that their private activities have, in any way, the endorsement, approval, or support of PTA. Discretion must be used by the current PTA president, because he/she is the official spokesperson for the PTA organization.” – CAPTA